At Home With Your Kids

My first site built in 2002. It has come a long way! It is also my personal "ministry" site about staying at home and raising your kids and all that involves.

Catalyst Industries, Inc. / Catalyst Direct Final Sand

Final Sand was an HTML site when I took it over and recreated the template that was in place. I then turned it into a wordpress site.

Countertops of Coeur d’Alene

This site started out in WordPress.

Countertops Coeur D'Alene

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David K McCullough - Author

Wordpress landing page for Author David K McCullough for his new book "All The Pretty Missiles".

Bed Bug Scout

Bed Bug Scout WordPress and Photoshop. Sadly the little scout had to retire.

Donna Love

Donna Love, Award Winning Children's book author. I originally did her site in HTML, then to make it easy for her to log in and blog, I switched to WordPress.

Mr. Bed Bug Dog - Colorado Bed Bug Detection Services

Wordpress Mr. Bed Bug Dog has since retired. We wish them well in their new adventures!
Older site, just for show. No longer available as they retired!

Law Offices of Lana Elliott, PLLC.

Wordpress with a video header.

Redoubt Surplus & Tactical


RGM Remodeling, LLC RGM Remodeling, LLC

The Rental Connection

Some of Jen's older client templates.

Jen's Web Design